Friday, September 28, 2012

CUSTOM WORK: Blue Gum Rounds Dining Table

The family that we built the custom console & sofa tables for also commissioned SDUT through M.Studio to build them a dining table. The project was a first for everyone involved and took a few months of problem solving, design evolution, and lots of epoxy to get to where it is today, but it's a striking piece and we're really happy with how it turned out and how it looks in the space.

The wood is blue gum eucalyptus from Yorba Linda, CA, and overall dimensions are:
Base: 34" diameter  at top and bottom, 26" diameter in the middle x 28-3/4" tall.
Glass: 62" diameter & 3/4" thick (tempered)

The contrast of the piece against the white rug is striking, and the wood tones pick up on other wood tones through out the room like the legs on their couch. Plus the dark filled cracks match the tone of the exposed beams in their ceilings. More images in the full post

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CUSTOM WORK: Console and Sofa Tables

We were recently commissioned to make a matching set of fold-over tables for a family's home in La Jolla out of some amazing blue-gum eucalyptus. This huge (5 foot diameter) standing-dead tree was so desirable that we actually made several trips up to Yorba Linda, CA in order to save as much wood as we could. I think you can see it was worth the effort. The more narrow table was custom designed to fit behind their sofa, while the wider table with the live edge functions as a bar for their (lucky) kids to eat at. The designs came from the client's interior design firm, M.Studio, with whom we have worked on many projects in the past. They came up with this elegant and simple design and we tweaked it to get the steel and wood to interact in a pleasing way. More pics, including some detail photos of the wood and steel meeting up in the full post.

CUSTOM WORK: The Loop, Isla Vista CA

Working with the always inspiring and talented Michael Soriano is never dull. He continues to amaze us with his big visions and attention to small details. He was commissioned to help design a modern, LEED-certified apartment building adjacent to the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) in Isla Vista called The Loop. Our piece is a large bench in the main lobby of the building. It features Torrey Pine salvaged from Solana Beach up in North County San Diego

We're hoping to have some professional photos of the bench and space shortly, but for now, here's 2 snap shots, plus some in-progress photos in the full post.

CUSTOM WORK: Mission Hills Custom Kitchen

Based on a kitchen we did up in Laguna, these clients wanted something very similar in design, but were much more constrained in terms of square footage and layout. Their original cabinets were held way down from the ceiling, resulting in lost opportunity for storage space and a dust problem. In addition to capitalizing on that space by running the uppers to within an inch of the ceiling, we worked with Matt Borg, the (awesome!) general contractor to cut a pocket into the wall so that the refrigerator could be pushed back, thus alleviating a choke point in the previous kitchen.

We also added the raised cabinet/bar seating behind the sink and replaced the wall supporting the old peninsula with a bank of cabinets, further increasing the storage and functionality of the space. Using Blum euro hinges and full-extension soft-close drawer slides, we were able to achieve a nice clean look with inset doors that open wide to allow better access to tight corners. We also put in a slide out trash and recycling bin as well as large diameter lazy-susans in the corner units to maximize the space as best as possible. We're hoping to go back on site shortly to do some touch up work and at that time we'll take better photos, but for now, here's some snap shots...

Friday, September 7, 2012

RETAIL PIECE: Redwood Post End Grain Side Table

Fun little side table made of reclaimed redwood 4x4 fence posts. The inspiration came about when we were looking at a stack of offcuts laying around the shop. We had some down time between custom jobs and were also gearing up for a shop expansion. As a result we were trying to purge scraps and misc materials, but some things we just couldn't seem to bare parting with. To try and balance the need to make more space with the desire to not waste material, we focused on making as many retail pieces as we could from all our scraps in a relatively short amount of time.

It's funny how, at least to me, it seems that inspiration comes best with pressure and deadlines. Knowing that we had to start expanding the shop and also start work on 2 big custom jobs  in a matter of weeks, really got the creative juices flowing. The results of which were this little table, the off cut dining table, and the big foot coffee table.

More pics in the full post

RETAIL PIECE: Big Foot Coffee Table

Inspired from the off cut dining table we did featuring scraps from the Raglan Public House exterior facade, we put together this coffee table with a pile of scraps from the interior back bar facade and some other various off cuts from other projects. This piece is a mixture of reclaimed cedar and redwood fence boards for the top and apron, and cedar 4x4s for the legs. It's finished with a hand-applied wax like the dining table.

It is currently available for sale. Please email us if you're interested in purchasing it.

more images in the full post

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We were commissioned to make this bed for a client who wanted a bed frame featuring larger proportions. We've been holding onto a few 2x12's that were salvaged out of a hotel in Laguna, CA where we did some previous work a few years back. They had just the right feel to what the client was looking for. Combine those with some 4x4 salvaged redwood posts, and eucalyptus for the headboard and foot board, and the resulting design was something we were very excited about. Lots of different tones working together in the piece that came together really nice.

See more images in the full post